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HayotFilms is where we turn your ideas into stories that resonate with you and your audience.

Our devotion to the art of video production has allowed us to become an award-winning full-service video production company in Prague.

By leveraging the power of storytelling, we help you motivate, inspire, ignite chance, explain, sell and grow your business heights unlike ever before.

From corporate interviews to promo events, documentaries, and marketing videos – HayotFilms brings you the best of everything there is.

We are among the 100 Top video production companies in the world and hold the title of being the No.1 in the Czech Republic by The Manifest and Clutch

Our commercial and promotional videos have raked over 50 million views on social media platforms ever since our entry into the industry. We even got shortlisted for the Oscar

Our rates are fair and reasonable. We deliver remarkable services at prices you can afford. No more paying an arm and a leg for videos. Hire us today!

We were part of the crew responsible for broadcasting the big live TV shows like the Academy Awards (The Oscars) and Golden Globe Awards from Prague to Los Angeles


Are you looking for exceptional video services in Prague or all around the Europe? Our team can handle all your needs:

Promo and Commercial videos in Prague

Promo and commercial videos

Let us help you get your business off the ground with our professional, aesthetic promotional or commercial videos to help create brand awareness for your business or product. Our promotional video for the city of Prague garnered over 4 million views across many platforms of social media. Let us do the same for you!

Corporate videos in Prague and Czech Republic by HayotFilms

Corporate videos

We create professional corporate videos that showcase the services and products you offer in the most amazing way! Are you ready to leave a perfect impression? Many customers learn best by seeing how something is done then emulating it. We have created corporate videos for not only the Czech Republic but UK, Belgium and Netherlands.


Video interviews in Prague, video shooting in Prague

Testimonials, Interview Videos

We can help you to film different types of interviews including corporate, conference, TV broadcast, testimonials and case studies. Our video interviews were aired on American NBC and Czech Televisions. So, if you want to make sure you can get proper traction for your interviews, we are here to help!


Event and Conference video production in Prague

Events & Conference video

Whether it be work retreats, business meetings, special conferences, anniversary event or something else, videoshooting your event to play back later can be an effective training tool. We create premium videos that store the ideas, award ceremonies and more. Add a wow-factor to your event today.

Live Streaming services in Prague, Czech Republic

Live Streaming

If you're planning any kind of live streaming in Prague, just contact us. We use professional blackmagic broadcasting equipment for our live streaming services. Whether you need to live stream your event, conference, or presentation with just one camera or multiple cameras at affordable rates, we can help you with that.

Do you video Crew production in Prague

Your Film/Camera Crew in Prague

If you are in Prague for a shoot and don’t have a film crew, give us a try! We are a local business that can provide you with everything that you will need. Our team is staffed with young professionals who use only the best equipment like Canon, Sony and RED cameras. We will make your experience a great one!

Event photographer in Prague


If you need a photographer for your conference, event or other shooting in Prague, then we can provide photography services as well. We have great professional photographers in our team who know their industry and know the city well. This helps us to deliver top quality photography that is sure to create the perfect finish.

Video editing services in Prague, video crew in Prague

Video editing services

If you have a lot of video footage to work through, and you are looking for someone who can help you with editing, then you’re in the right place. We have numerous professional video editors in our team. Just click to get a free quote from us today!

Explaner video Animation video in Prague

Explainer/Animation videos

We can do interviews, tutorials or explainer animation videos to help market your company or to teach people about your product. We can make boring subject matter come alive and seem fun. Just get in touch with the concept and we will do our magic! Shine through our perfect videos.

Marketing video production in Prague

Marketing videos

We can make a commercial for your product in a studio or create a service information video that can really sell your product to your clientele and make your sales profits soar. In this competitive business world, having a powerful video can actually make a difference. Let us help you experience the success!

Industrial facility video shooting in Prague

Industrial videos

If you need any kind of shooting of your facility or manufacturing process then you found the best video production company for that. We delivered many videos of factories, test centres, offices and many other videos to our clients in the UK, Czech Republic, Germany, USA. Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Your custom video shooting in Prague

Custom Videos

Looking for something else? Shoot us a message! With our crew of documentary cameramen and our experience shooting both commercial and personal videos, we can help make the video of your dreams. Email us now for a price quote. Our videos are designed to fulfill all your needs, and we work closely with you to ensure they surpass your expectations.


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The Oscars – Behind the scenes:
Our broadcasting live from Prague to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards

The Oscars: Behind the scenes

We helped the Academy Awards (The Oscars) to broadcast live from Prague to Los Angeles over satellite and internet streaming.

We used our SNG vehicle and professional blackmagic broadcast quality equipment for this streaming. Two weeks of preparation, over 15 film crew members and 3 days of testing from the most beautiful terase location in Prague.

It was a great experience for our crew to work with the Oscars team in making of the most popular film awards in the world.

Check out the behind the scenes video above from our live stream production for the Oscars.

Also we would suggest learning more in our blog about how to organise and monitor a shooting remotely as a client, when you cannot physically be in the shooting location.



Very pleased with responsiveness, approach and quality results of the video production of our HPE training sessions.

IvicaHewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

I am working for an event planning agency, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with HayotFilms team for an event happening in Prague. I have to say that I had the best experience with them. They provided with videographer and photographer services, and both were super reactive, flexible, very easy to work with. The ending videos they worked on post-event were fantastic and were exactly what the client expected. Thank you so much HayotFilms team for the great work and professionalism!


We worked with Otto and Sem from HayotFilms for the Golden Globes 2021. In this virtual ceremony the nominees participated, via smart streaming kits, from their homes all over the world. With remote support from our tech team in Holland Otto and Sem handled the 2 locations (with 2 award winners :-) in Prague. The guys from HayotFilms were a pleasure to work with, very professional and creative. You guys rock!


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Why Choose Us?

We genuinely love what we do, and we do it well

Each order is created specifically according to your wants and needs

Our prices are reasonable and affordable

Our videos are cinematic and interesting

The finished product will be of top-grade quality

We are award winning filmmakers

We are a young and talented group of people

We use only the highest quality equipment


Hello and welcome to HayotFilms. My name is Otto Beck and I am the founder and senior producer at HayotFilms production, a video production company based in Prague, Czech Republic.

I am a graduate from the New York Film Academy and have worked with the brilliant director Costa Fam in a trilogy of short films that got shortlisted for an Academy Awards (Oscars) in 2013.

With over 10 years of experience, we not only help you create the best videos, but also guide you on areas that you need the most help with.

our camera crew in prague, team members
Our Team

We produce a high quality video content for any business purpose. Our videos will increase your business growth.

Our talented camera crew in Prague includes videographers, producers, video editors, directors, sound recordists, DP, screenwriters, gaffers, makeup artists, assistants, and many others. HayotFilms production produces corporate, interview videos, conference, event, marketing, promo and industrial videos. Our team is all local, but we also work all around Europe, including France, Italy and Germany.

Whether you need one cameraman or a whole camera crew to make your project come alive, we can help you with that.

Our Blog (behind the scenes)

Our Corporate Interview Setup

As a video production in Prague, we get many requests from our clients to film an interview video. It can be a corporate video, testimonial, event or TV broadcast interview videos. Recently we were approached by Canon Europe to create a behind the scenes video about our corporate interview setups for their YouTube channel.

We love using Canon Cinema cameras in our video production, so we decided to film a MasterClass video where we talk about our equipment we use in our corporate shootings.

Find out more about our corporate video interview setup for Canon Europe here

07 / 01 / 2022 Behind the scenes Otto Beck


Are you based in Prague?
Yes, we are Prague based video production.
Do you provide video services outside of Czechia?
Sure, we do provide video shooting services not only in Czech Republic, but all around the Europe.
Can I have only video shooting without editing?
Sure, we can film everything by your request and copy RAW footage to your Hard Drive or upload it to our Google Drive for your easy download.
Do you provide TV Crew services in Prague?
Yes, we do. As an official TV Crew of European Parliament and European Commision, we covered many newsworthy events in Czech Republic. We also had a chance to work with American channels NBC and ABC to help them to broadcast events like Academy Awards (Oscars 2021) and Golden Globe Awards 2021 live from Prague to Los Angeles and New York. If you need a professional TV Crew in Prague, then get in touch with us today!
What languages do you speak?
English, Czech, Slovak.
How much do your video services cost?
It’s really difficult to fix the price, because each our client has own requests. If you're interested in our services, get in touch with us today!
What cameras do you use?
We own Canon C70, Canon C200 and Canon R5. We normally use Canon C70 or C200 as A camera. It's great camera, which can shoot 4K RAW up to 60 frames per second. As a B camera we often shoot with Canon EOS R5 and it's our gimbal camera. It's really great combo. Also we use Canon C500 mark II, C300 Mark III, Sony FS5/7 mark II. For additional cost, we can also shoot on Red Dragon, Arri Alexa Mini and other cameras.
Do you provide aerial shooting with a drone in Prague?
While it’s really complicated to shoot with a drone in Prague, but we have licensed drone pilot operator in our team, so we can help you to get best aerial shots around the Czech Republic. Also if you order one of our services, we can add beautiful drone footage of Prague for beginning of your video for free of charge. How cool is that, huh? :)
Do you provide any makeup and styling services?
Sure, we have professional makeup artist and hair styler in our team.
Are you guys awesome?
Sure, we are :)

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If you need a video production company or camera crew to help with your next project while you are in Prague or Europe, we are here to assist. Send us a message through our contact form or simply send an email and we will get back to you within hours. We look forward to working with you on your project.


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