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Do this to Safely and Legally Fly a Drone in Prague, Czech Republic

Ready to soar the skies with your drone in Prague? Venturing on a drone adventure in Prague is indeed exciting. But making sure to safely and legally fly a drone in Prague is also as important—and that’s why we’re going to discuss this thoroughly today. 

Yes, to fly a drone is fun. But before you do that, it’s very important to have a solid understanding of the Czech Republic‘s rules and regulations first. 

Learning about the legal and safety aspects of shooting with drone in Prague may look overwhelming at first glance, but our guide today will make it as easy as possible to understand.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the essential steps you would need to take so you cannot just fly a drone legally, but also so that you can capture the breathtaking views of Prague without experiencing too much hassle.

Sounds good? 

Well then, let’s get ready to dive into the safety and legal procedures you would need to go into to successfully create an aerial shooting in Prague. 

#1 Know the Current Regulations

The New Rules for Drones

Know the Current Regulations - Fly a Drone
Drone Rules To Follow

Of course, we’d like to start this article with what is current. Please be informed that since 2021, drone registration has become mandatory. During registration, there will be an online test that every drone user or pilot needs to pass. 

You have an unlimited number of attempts for the said test. And you must be able to answer at least 30 questions out of 40 questions correctly. If you don’t comply with this registration, you won’t be able to operate your drone.

The registration form and the online test can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Adhering to No-Fly Zones 

Adhering to No-Fly Zones
No Drones Allowed

When flying with drone in Prague, there is strict enforcement of no-fly zones–this is especially true near airports and other sensitive areas. 

Always be sure to be aware of these no-fly zones and please see to it to always adhere to these restricted zones when filming with drones to avoid legal and safety issues. You may check this Czech Drone Rules website for more information. 

Altitude Restrictions to Fly a Drone

Another one you would need to check when getting permission for shooting with drone is the altitude restrictions. 

In the Czech Republic, drones are usually limited to flying below a certain altitude—commonly set at 120 meters or approximately 400 feet above the ground. Note that this restriction is in place to avoid any potential conflicts with manned aircraft. 

#2 Follow Safety Guidelines

Drone filming in the Czech Republic will only be a breeze if you follow all the safety guidelines. 

Yes, it’s vital to operate drones responsibly. This will ensure that the public is safe and this will also make sure that the integrity of the historical landmarks of Prague are well taken care of.

Below are some of the safety guidelines you should absolutely follow: 

Always Follow the Regulations

Always Follow the Regulations - Fly a Drone
Safety First

When travel filming with done in Prague, make sure you know the rules. Keep yourself informed about any updates, like whether you still need to register your drone and where you’re not allowed to fly. 

Stay on top of the latest regulations to have a safe and hassle-free drone experience.

Be Respectful of No-Fly Zones

Find out and always follow the rules about where you can’t fly your drone, especially near airports, government buildings, and important landmarks. 

These places usually have restrictions for safety and security reasons. Abide by the rules and you should be fine.

Maintain a Visual Line of Sight

Maintain a Visual Line of Sight
Fly Responsibly

Always keep your drone within your line of sight at all times. This will make sure that you can see and avoid obstacles, other aircraft, and pedestrians, contributing to safer flights.

Avoid Crowded & Private Areas

Avoid Crowded & Private Areas - Fly a Drone
Crowded Area

Avoid flying your drone over busy places, events, or crowds. Doing so can be risky for people on the ground and might cause unnecessary worry or concern.

It’s good to note to avoid flying over private properties without permission as well, and always be conscious of people’s personal space when capturing images or videos.

Fly in Great Weather Conditions

Fly in Great Weather Conditions
Great Weather Condition in Prague

This is important but is often overlooked. Please choose suitable weather conditions for flying your drone. Check the weather forecast as weather with strong winds or heavy rain can impact your drone’s stability and pose safety risks. It’s always better to be planned than sorry!

Be Emergency Ready

Before filming with drone in Prague, familiarize yourself first with emergency procedures and plan for unexpected events. This includes knowing how to safely land your drone in case of a malfunction.

Consider Local Wildlife

Consider Local Wildlife
Local Wildlife in Prague

Take care to be mindful of the local wildlife, particularly in natural or park settings. 

It’s important to avoid disturbing animals when travel filming with drone in Prague, as doing so can have unintended consequences on their behavior and environment. 

Maintain a safe distance from wildlife to minimize any potential issues. This will allow both them and you to enjoy a harmonious co-existence in these natural spaces.

Respect Landmarks & Cultural Sites

Respect Landmarks & Cultural Sites - Fly a Drone
Prague Landmarks

When filming with drone near historical places, always maintain a respectful distance and altitude. 

As you know, drones can be intrusive, so prioritize the preservation of these sites and avoid causing disturbance.

Check Insurance Requirements 

Check Insurance Requirements
Insurance Requirements

To legally film with drone in Prague, it’s important to know about insurance, too. 

Liability insurance is a big deal—it covers any harm your drone might accidentally cause to people or their stuff. You might also need insurance for any damage your drone does to other people’s belongings. 

If you want, you can get insurance to protect your drone itself, but that’s up to you. Sometimes, you might also need insurance for injuries to yourself or your team. 

After all, it’s always crucial to check the latest rules and talk to local authorities to make sure you’re following the law. And always have your insurance paperwork ready just in case. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about being responsible and making sure your drone flying is legal and safe in Prague.

Follow Tips From Locals To Fly A Drone

Follow Tips From Locals To Fly A Drone
Flying a Drone

To get great drone shots in Prague, fly early or late for beautiful sunlight on buildings. 

Iconic sites such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are highly popular, but please note that flying a drone within a 2 km radius of these landmarks is prohibited. Locals recommend also exploring lesser-known areas for unique perspectives.

We’ve said this earlier but we would like to reiterate to always respect privacy. No flying over private places without permission at all times, please. 

Another thing that may be helpful is engaging with the local drone community or local drone groups. With this, you’ll get easy access to additional insider tips from the experts.

Mix tech skills with local advice for the best drone shots in this historic city.

Cultural Aspects To Take Into Account

Cultural Aspects To Take Into Account
Respect Different Cultures

When drone filming in the Czech Republic, it’s essential to navigate the skies with cultural sensitivity to have a positive experience for both yourself and the local residents. 

First and foremost, don’t fly your drone over religious or special places, and avoid landmarks during events. 

Second, don’t record private homes or people unless they say it’s okay. 

Third, keep the noise down, especially in neighborhoods.

And last, please see to it that you talk to the locals first and get their permission if it’s okay to fly near their homes. If they don’t allow you to, then please don’t do it as a sign of respect. 

Understanding and respecting Prague’s culture helps you have a great time with your drone filming while showing you care about the city’s history and the people who live there.

Aerial Photography Opportunities in Prague

Aerial Photography Opportunities in Prague - Fly a Drone
Prague Aerial View

With its rich history and stunning architecture, Prague indeed offers unique opportunities for drone enthusiasts. 

If you’re looking to start with something, we recommend capturing iconic landmarks first like Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. As mentioned earlier, please do note that you cannot fly for about a 2 km radius from Prague Castle, which includes the Charles Bridge, too.

Then, you may next explore dynamic shots along the River Vltava, aerial views of historical districts, and even hidden gems in courtyards and gardens. 

When you’re doing an aerial shooting in Prague, try capturing the sunrise or sunset to make the city look warm and beautiful. You may also try zooming in on the details of old buildings too. 

As long as you follow all the rules, you can surely enjoy taking great pictures while keeping everyone and the city safe.

Bonus: A Quick Glance on DronView

DronView Map
DronView Map

Before planning any aerial shooting in Prague, check the DronView website for information on permitted drone flight areas and red zones.

This website highlights restricted areas. And given that a significant part of the city center is a red zone, it’s crucial to consult the website first to avoid fines of up to 40,000 EUR. As always, being responsible and informed about aerial photography is crucial in Prague.


Conclusion - Fly a Drone

Overall, capturing Prague’s beauty is about balancing creativity, responsibility, and respect. Always follow the local rules and you’ll surely stay safe in the skies.

We also recommend taking time to explore the city’s unique aerial possibilities, from wide city views to hidden spots. This not only makes awesome pictures but also helps build a positive drone community.

And as your shooting with drone in Prague comes to a close, think about how each photo combines technology with Prague’s timeless charm. Your shots aren’t now just snapshots; they’re like a story, blending modern gadgets with Prague’s history. 

If you want to have a professional create these unique drone shots for you, HayotFilms can do that for you. We are a professional filming company that operates locally in Prague, and all of Europe. You can send us a message on our contact page to inquire and we’d be happy to help.

Always keep in mind that you’re not just capturing the moment when flying with drone—you’re also helping keep Prague’s awesome vibe alive for the future, too.

Happy flying!

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