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Feature Photo | Hidden Gems in Prague

Hidden Gems in Prague: Top Picks and Places to Avoid

We all know that Prague is already a beautiful city with its many landmarks and great places worth exploring. But did you know there are many more hidden gems in Prague that you may not have heard about yet?

Yes, this city has much more to offer than you might think! In this blog, we’ll be your guide to the lesser-explored wonders of Prague – from charming, tucked-away cafes serving up local delights to quaint alleys adorned with unique street art.

Our mission today is to reveal the authentic essence of the city, steering you clear of overhyped spots while leading you to the genuine, local experiences that make Prague truly special.

As we go through Prague’s wonders, we’ll not only showcase the top picks that offer an authentic taste of the city but also provide friendly advice on places to avoid for a more memorable and immersive experience for you.

Join us on this journey to uncover the hidden treasures that make Prague a unique destination, and let’s make sure your visit is filled with both wonder and wisdom.

Are you ready? 

Top Picks

Let’s start with our top picks of places you should visit if you want to see hidden gems in Prague. Feel like a local and enjoy these spots before they become mainstream!

#1 Malé Náměstí

Malé Náměstí | Hidden Gems in Prague
Malé Náměstí

Address: 110 00 Josefov, Czechia

Male Namesti is often called the “Little Square”. It’s a cute spot in Prague that you go see. It’s like a small, cozy version of the city’s charm. Here, you’ll find nice cafes, lively streets, and cool buildings – all in a relaxed and cozy vibe. 

Even though it’s not huge, Male Namesti has a lot of personality. It’s a place where both locals and visitors can enjoy the Prague feel in a more comfy setting. Indeed, It’s a tiny gem with a lot of charm!

#2 Nový Svět

Nový Svět | Hidden Gems in Prague
Nový Svět

Address: 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia

Novy Svet is another charming and cozy place in Prague. It welcomes visitors with its warm atmosphere that remains inviting no matter the weather. 

This hidden gem is perfect for a visit at any time, but mornings bring a special charm to it. As you explore Novy Svet, you’ll discover quaint corners, picturesque streets, and delightful cafes that make it an ideal spot to start your day. Whether rain or shine, Novy Svet offers a timeless and snug escape in the heart of Prague.

#3 Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna Music Bar | Hidden Gems in Prague
Lucerna Music Bar | Source:

Address: Vodičkova 36, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

One of the hidden gems in Prague that we’d like to add is the Lucerna Music Bar. It is a dynamic and vibrant music venue if you want a great nightlife scene in Prague. 

Lucerna Music Bar has a rich history as the venue is part of the Lucerna Palace complex, a historic building with a legacy dating back to the early 20th century. 

The music bar is also known for its eclectic programming—featuring live performances by local and international bands across various genres, including rock, pop, indie, and electronic music.

With its lively atmosphere, excellent acoustics, and spacious dance floor, Lucerna Music Bar provides an immersive and enjoyable experience for music enthusiasts and night owls alike. 

#4 Malostranské Square

Malostranské Square
Malostranské Square

Address: Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Located in the charming Lesser Town (Mala Strana) of Prague, Malostranske Square is a picturesque destination that effortlessly captures the city’s timeless beauty—definitely one of the hidden gems in Prague!

It is surrounded by colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. The square also radiates a historic charm that transports visitors to another era. 

Dominated by the stunning St. Nicholas Church, the square provides a perfect blend of architectural magic and a relaxed atmosphere. So, whether you’re drawn to the vibrant market stalls and cozy cafes, or simply wish to soak in the surroundings, Malostranske Square is a place that invites exploration and appreciation of Prague’s rich culture.

#5 Vrtba Garden

Vrtba Garden | Hidden Gems in Prague
Vrtba Garden

Address: Karmelitská 25, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

This garden is simple, hidden, quiet, and breathtaking. This beautifully landscaped baroque-style garden is renowned for its intricate terraces, ornate sculptures, and stunning views of Prague Castle and the city.

Designed in the early 18th century, Vrtba Garden is absolutely one of the hidden gems in Prague that offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets. Visitors can explore the elegant flowerbeds, manicured hedges, and the charming Sala Terrena—a small summer palace within the garden.

The garden’s terraces are also connected by a grand staircase providing a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls and photo opportunities.

#6 Nerudova Street

Nerudova Street
Nerudova Street

Address: 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

Nerudova Street is a charming part of Prague with old-world charm and a mix of modern energy. It’s a lively street with colorful buildings and shops. You can find unique souvenirs, enjoy coffee, or just soak in the lively atmosphere. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Nerudova Street is a magical place that makes your time in Prague even more special.

#7 Joystick Bar

Joystick Bar
Joystick Bar | Source:

Address: Jindřišská 5, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

On Jindřišská Street, located in Prague‘s main square, you’ll discover the underground Joystick Arcade Bar—a cool spot to grab a beer and dive into some thrilling driving games.

What makes it unique is that it’s the only place where you can legally “drink and drive,” but fear not—it’s all in the virtual world. Remember, it opens at 4 PM, so plan your visit accordingly to avoid waiting. Bringing along friends and family would be a great idea, as you can all join in the fun and even compete in an exciting arcade tournament!

#8 Na Sklenicku

Na Sklenicku
Na Sklenicku | Source:

Address: Jindřišská 901, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

In the same corner on Jindřišská Street, just across from the Joystick Bar, you’ll discover Na Sklenicku or “Fill a Wine Glass.” 

Here, you can enjoy a unique bottomless wine experience. The shop offers a wide variety of wines for you to choose from. And the best part? You can continuously taste and savor each one!

#9 Kantýna

Kantýna | Hidden Gems in Prague
Kantýna | Source:

Address: Politických vězňů 1511/5, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Kantýna is a former bank transformed into an upscale pub-restaurant. Upon entry, you’ll receive a ticket to keep track of your wine and food orders throughout your visit. 

The venue boasts an elegant ambiance, featuring a distinctive oversized table in the center. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their exceptional beer, complemented by an equally outstanding food menu.

Whether you’re seeking a refined setting for a special occasion or simply looking to savor the pleasures of well-crafted beer and gourmet cuisine, Kantýna offers a memorable experience.

#10 Bistro Špejle

Bistro Špejle
Bistro Špejle | Source:

Address: Jindřišská 937/16, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Špejle is no ordinary dining establishment as it offers a unique experience that sets it apart from the others. 

The payment is then determined by the number of sticks each selected item is placed on. The diverse array of culinary choices caters to a wide range of preferences. 

Moreover, the pricing, set at a reasonable 33 crowns per stick, introduces an element of affordability to the overall upscale ambiance of the place.

#11 Lookout Tower Jindřišská

Lookout Tower Jindřišská
Lookout Tower Jindřišská | Source:

Address: Jindřišská věž, Jindřišská 2122/33, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

This tower looks really interesting from the outside. When you go to the 4th floor, you’ll find the biggest map of Prague—and you’ll be walking on it! It’s a cool way to see what’s around the city and definitely a guide to know where to go next.

On the 8th floor, there’s a fancy restaurant where you can eat next to the 10th oldest bell in Prague. It’s like having a meal with history! 

Also, don’t forget to go to the very top for an awesome view of the city. You can see all of Prague from up there. Definitely one of the hidden gems in Prague that you shouldn’t miss!

#12 Film Hub Edison

Film Hub Edison | Hidden Gems in Prague
Film Hub Edison | Source:

Address: Jeruzalémská 1321/2, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Film Hub Edison has an interesting history as it used to be an electric station back in the ’90s, and today, it has transformed into a unique space that combines a cozy coffee shop with a modern movie theater. 

Picture this: you enjoy a compelling film with your friends or loved ones, and right after, head to the coffee place to discuss the movie with them. It’s the perfect way to share your thoughts and opinions on whether it was a good movie or not.

To make the most of your visit, take a look at the program schedule to discover the upcoming movies. This way, you can plan your visit around the films that pique your interest the most. 

Places to Avoid

Of course, this guide wouldn’t be complete without alerting you to places you should avoid to make sure you make the most of your trip. While Prague is fantastic overall, below are some spots that you might prefer to skip. This is specifically if you have limited time and aim for the best experiences. 

#1 Mirror Maze in Petrin Park

Mirror Maze in Petrin Park | Hidden Gems in Prague
Mirror Maze in Petrin Park

Address: Petřínské sady, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

The Mirror Maze in Petrin Park is a visually striking attraction with its beautiful exterior, located within the scenic surroundings of Petrin Hill in Prague. 

However, while its exterior may capture attention, some visitors find the maze’s interior experience to be relatively short and the admission cost to be on the higher side. 

Inside, the maze also often incorporates dizzy mirrors—adding a fun but disorienting element to the experience, especially for the elders. 

But fret not, because despite its brevity and cost, the Mirror Maze can still be an enjoyable stop for those looking for a lighthearted and visually engaging diversion within Petrin Park.

#2 Image Black Light Theatre

Image Black Light Theatre | Hidden Gems in Prague
Image Black Light Theatre | Source:

Address: Národní 25, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

In Black Light Theatre performances, the emphasis is often placed on visual effects, lighting, and illusion rather than traditional dance techniques and compelling storylines. 

The concept revolves around using black curtains, special UV lighting, and fluorescent costumes to create a visually stunning and surreal experience. 

The dance techniques in Black Light Theatre are intentionally stylized and often exaggerated to enhance the visual effects, rather than focusing on precision or complexity. So if you’re not a fan of lights, you may want to just skip this attraction. 

But if you prefer to still see this (which we also recommend), it’s important for you to appreciate the unique visual spectacle and artistic expression rather than expecting a traditional dance performance with a linear storyline and advanced dance techniques. 

Remember, this attraction aims to offer a distinctive and immersive experience through its creative use of light, color, and movement.

#3 Magical Cavern 

Magical Cavern
Magical Cavern | Source:

Address: Petřínské sady 417/5, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Finding the Magical Cavern in Prague is like solving a mystery—it’s hard to locate. If you don’t enjoy the challenge of finding places while on vacation, you might want to consider removing this spot from your list.

Another tricky part is that it’s often closed, which can be disappointing. This makes it seem more like a hit-or-miss tourist spot rather than a reliable attraction. 

However, if you happen to visit when it’s open, you might discover something truly magical and make your trip to Prague even more special. Yes, it’s difficult to find, but when seen, it’s certainly one of the hidden gems in Prague, too!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts | Hidden Gems in Prague
Prague in the afternoon

Overall, Prague is truly beautiful. Whether you explore the city’s main attractions or choose to discover its hidden gems, you’re bound to encounter memorable experiences.

If you’re a first-timer in the city, we recommend starting with the main attractions to enjoy Prague’s most iconic features. On your second visit or if you have extra days without a set itinerary, visit these hidden gems in Prague to enhance your tour experience. 

Don’t forget to capture these moments with photos, as these locations are fantastic for creating lasting memories!

You may also want to consider hiring a professional videographer for better photos and videos. For beautifully documented discoveries, you may reach out to us at HayotFilms for exceptional videography services. We’re local to Prague and can recommend photo-worthy places, too. 

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in all that Prague has to offer? Transform your Prague adventure into more than just a memory.

Book your travel now, and you will surely not regret every penny spent on it!

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